Noel de Christian Photography Gallery and showroom is located in Hollywood Florida which is in the region of South Florida. The Gallery contains wall art prints from various parts of the world and done in a large format contemporary metal and acrylic photography prints. All pieces are limited edition and can be shipped to anywhere in the country..

Great New Gear To Seriously Consider

For those seriously into photography, there are a couple of new lenses by Canon that are worth consideration.  The super popular Canon 70-200 series has updated their lineup with a version III.  These lens are extremely useful for not only portraits and weddings but also for wildlife and landscapes.  Yes, landscapes can be photographed using a telephoto lens by shooting several shots and stitching them together in Photoshop.  The compression effect of these type of lenses renders a great image that is totally different from using a wide-angle lens when it comes to landscapes.  These two versions of the 20-200 are the latest so expect updated  high-end optics along with Canon's sharpness.  Needless to say, I will be upgrading mine 20-200 to this version.  You can use the link below to pre-order your new lens from Adorama and obtain same-day shipping.  Of course, Adorama can supply you with all the photography equipment you may need or want. I love Adorama and can't wait to visit their New York City store in August.