Noel de Christian Photography Gallery and showroom is located in Hollywood Florida which is in the region of South Florida. The Gallery contains wall art prints from various parts of the world and done in a large format contemporary metal and acrylic photography prints. All pieces are limited edition and can be shipped to anywhere in the country..

Noel's Photography Gear Partners

Sometimes, I get asked by customers what gear I use and where do I buy such gear.  For the most part, my gear is purchased on-line or when I travel to New York where the large photography stores are located.  As long as you know what you want/need, you don’t need to travel anywhere to purchase items thanks to the internet.  As is the case with many of us, sometimes, we need guidance as to what to purchase and from which provider and this is the reason for this post.

I find everything I possibly need from the providers I list on my website under the “Partners” tab.  Yes, I do have an affiliate relationship with these companies and that’s for a darn good reason – I like what they sell and they are the best. The three companies I help to promote have the best customer service (really important to me, by the way), good prices and the best gear.  Pure and simple.  I would not promote any organization that I would not be proud of what they sell or where they stand.  I’m proud of these providers so here they are:

Adorama:  Everything you can possibly need as it relates to photography.  Excellent service, competitive pricing and a reasonable return policy is what makes them great in my eyes.  If Adorama doesn’t carry what you’re looking for then I wish you luck in finding it from some other retailer in the US.  All items shipped quickly and if you’re ordering from Florida (home base for me), you save a few dollars in sales tax.

Think Tank Bags:  I own several of their bags and I have never been disappointed by their quality and pricing.  They have every kind of bag a photographer needs, or wants, and for every type of photographer too.  I currently own 3 of their bags and each has its purpose based on where and what I’m shooting.  Along with their excellent and wide selections of bags, their pricing can’t be touched.  I can’t recommend Think Tank enough to fellow photographers or anyone needing a good bag for their photographic equipment.

Breakthrough Photography:  The newest addition to my list of partners and one I’m so proud to promote is Breakthrough Photography.  Breakthrough Photography makes some of the world’s best photography filters and holders.  From their neutral density filters (I use a lot of those) to their polarizers (use these too), I find their filters to have the lowest color cast in the market.  They’re a fairly new company out of San Francisco producing some of the best photography filters in the world.  What else can I say?  They are the best and I love and use  their products.

I encourage you to visit my Partners page at where you will find a special link to these three partners. By placing your order via my link you will not pay more than ordering directly from their website but you may get expedited shipping or special gifts that the vendors add as a way of thanking you for using the affiliate program they have with me.  Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have a question regarding equipment recommendations.  I’m here to help where I can.

The Grand Opening

Finally the dream has become a reality as my own gallery has opened  its doors in April 2019.  Though I´ve had success displaying my photography in various galleries around the country, the number and scale of images I wanted to display was always a concern.  I also wanted to have a space to showcase my work without limitations to size, color or subject matter all of which can be concerns for various galleries.  After growing tired of looking for the ideal space to house my images, I came across what I considered was the perfect spot in downtown Hollywood, Florida.  Right in the heart of the Art District and bustling with action, the space was already being used as an artist workshop so all it needed was some changes in order to transform it to what I needed.  After a month of hard work, the gallery opened its doors on April 13, 2019 to a wonderful reception of friends and family.  Seriously, I coundn´t have asked for more. 

Due to the location´s “artsy” lifestyle, the gallery was well received by patrons and fellow business neighbors along with the City of Hollywood.  The gallery will not only be showcasing my landscape photography but will also be the place to hold photography classes.  The first round of classes are geared towards the beginner wishing to simply take better pictures.  No fancy camera equipment will be needed but a good disposition to learn and have fun is.  Of course,  in keeping with my heritage, I encourage participants to bring their favorite wine to class and share the joy of making new friends and learning a thing or two about photography.  Check out my website for further details on the classes and to register.

Next time you´re wondering through Hollywood, stop on by and say ¨hello¨.  Check out the large prints on the walls and enjoy the space.  No pressure to buy anything so come on by.  The address is 120 South 20 Avenue, Hollywood, FL, 33020.

See you soon.

Noel de Christian Grand Opening on April 13th 2019