Noel de Christian Photography Gallery and showroom is located in Hollywood Florida which is in the region of South Florida. The Gallery contains wall art prints from various parts of the world and done in a large format contemporary metal and acrylic photography prints. All pieces are limited edition and can be shipped to anywhere in the country..

I love Naples, Florida

Photographing Naples for Neapolitan Magazine is always such a pleasure. Firstly, I love the drive to Naples from Fort Lauderdale because it cuts through the heart of the Everglades. As a landscape photographer, I love the Everglades. Secondly, I just happen to love the feel and sophistication of Naples.

For this particular session, as I drove closer to Naples the weather started getting a bit rough. Though the rain and lightning were threatening my photo session, it also provided me with a chance for a wonderful sunset if the clouds moved just a bit to the west. Well, the the weather Gods were on my side that afternoon because I stepped into a beach that was aglow with a mixture of clouds and sunset colors. Thankfully, I was able to take the necessary shots to supply Neapolitan with a cool image for them to use (page 25). You can see the magazine here.

I ended up with several images of the iconic Naples pier with the sun setting behind it. You can check out some of these images by visiting my portfolio.


Camera (gear) Bags That I Love

Through the many years of being a photographer, I have changed camera bags time and time again.  Many times the changes in bags were dictated on the type of photography and/or location I was shooting at the time.  Because of this, I have several bags to say the least.  Waterproof bags, roller bags, backpack bags, sling bags and on and on.  A few years ago, I came across Think Tank bags at one of the photography conventions that I attend, and I was most impressed with their bags.  I found them to be well constructed and yet smartly designed.  I now use Think Tank bags almost exclusively and love them all.  You will find their selection to be huge and best of all, they have great prices.  They also make nifty little carrying cases for items such as filters, memory cards and cords.  To check out Think Tank's inventory follow this LINK.