Noel de Christian Photography Gallery and showroom is located in Hollywood Florida which is in the region of South Florida. The Gallery contains wall art prints from various parts of the world and done in a large format contemporary metal and acrylic photography prints. All pieces are limited edition and can be shipped to anywhere in the country..

I'm using my photographs to protect the environment

Last year at about this time, I was heading to Iceland to photograph what would be the most interesting, and impressive, place I've ever visited.  I found Iceland to be a land of unbelievable beauty.  While traveling the isolated roads, I explored and photographed the most impressive vistas that I have ever shot.  Every turn of the highway brought before me yet another breathless view. I was truly in awe. As I went around the island country in my two-week adventure, I realized that this rugged, yet fragile, environment was under attack by visitors just like me.  Though I was very careful not to harm or disrupt the ecosystem around me, most visitors simply saw it as a place to take a quick selfie and climbing over national parks barricades to do so was the norm. 

On the long plane ride back home, I realized that it was my job to not only bring the beauty of such places back in the form of pictures but to help spread the word and protect our environment even more.  I can only hope that my photography is an inspiration to others that our planet is fragile, and we must do everything within out power to defend and protect our natural environments.