Everglades National Park

Below are some of my images taken at Everglades National Park. As a native South Floridian, I grew up with the Everglades as my backyard.  I find the park to be ever-changing as it reacts to the national forces such as hurricanes, fires and floods.  Most visitors (and residents) see the Everglades as a mosquito and alligator infested "swamp" but I see it as a park with various distinct ecosystems teaming with life, potential and threats.


Mahogany Hammock

Hammocks are elevated hardwood "islands" of the Everglades where most of the animals live.  A great place to witness the bio-diversity of the park along with enjoying a bit of cooler temperatures thanks to the dense canopy of the hammock.


Nine Mile Pond

One of the best place to photograph the sunsets, or storms, of the Everglades.  The pond is easy to get to and canoes are available to further explore the pond's bird population. 



This is where the road ends in the National Park and one of the most visited areas.  Summers, however, is also the place to witness wonderful sunsets or thunderstorms coming in from the south.  Though this area was battered heavily by recent hurricane activity, it still remains a captivating part of the Everglades.