Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

40.4" wide x 24.8" tall

Substrate: Metallic print under acrylic glass

Photographed on:  9/9/16

Location: Kona, Hawaii, USA

Technical settings: Canon 6D,  Canon EF 17-40mm F4L USM, 4545x2789 1.6Mb, ISO 200, 23mm, F4, 30 sec.

Description: Kona has some of the most amazing sunsets i've ever seen.  The sunset colors are simply out of this world and can be enjoyed for quite some time before night falls.  The rocks in the foreground are volcanic rocks which are home to countless little crabs and other marine animals. This image was taken with a neutral density filter which allows for the blurring of the surf while slightly augmenting the colors of the sky while keeping the image as true to reality as possible.  Very Hawaiian and soothing image. By the way, Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth so this image have always been very special to me.

I can see this picture in a tropically designed home or business with a laid back decor.

This is very sturdy due to the metallic backing and the acrylic top however it can be easily hung using two small nails.



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