Noel de Christian landscape print in living room

Prints used in homes should command attention and make a statement.  Metal or acrylic prints are perfect for the modern home or office.

Photography as art in living room

Prints can be framed in a variety of style and colors to match any style or decor.

South Florida art style casual

By not over-crowding the walls with several prints and using a single larger print, the room will not only appear larger but far more elegant.

Modern decor with photography as art

Metal or acrylic prints are super easy to hang and weight is very minimal.  Sometime all that is needed is a single small nail.

Noel de Christian photography in Living Room

Which came first, the art or the decor?  Regardless, make sure to sporatically repeat the colors in the room to create decor harmony and continuity. 

Art Deco using Noel's photography as wall art

Metal prints look great indoors or outside and even in bathrooms since they are water resistant.  They are also fade resistant so your investment will last a lifetime.

Travel Bedroom
Calming Bedroom
Metal Swirl in a contemporary home setting