Noel de Christian’s affiliates purchases will result in a small percentage going to Noel de Christian Photography as side income. Customers don’t pay extra to purchase from the vendors and many times there’s an added gift or expedited shipping added to your order.

Partners I love and Use

People always want to know what equipment I use and where I purchase my gear.  Below are three companies I love working with because of their great products, service and the quality they offer. 



Think Tank Bags

To me, these are some of the best photography bags in the market.  Not only do I use them - I have 4 of them depending on the shoot/location - I love their construction and attention to detail.  Because landscape photography involves a lot of walking/hiking, the bag I use the most is Think Tank's Streetwalker backpack series (the same one shown above).  It provides me with enough space for all my gear and even comes with it's own raincoat. Use the link below for discounted prices, free shipping and a free gift with every order.

Breakthrough Photography

In my years in photography, I’ve used a lot of filters to control the light coming into the camera’s sensor. I have never, however, used better filters than Breakthrough Photography. The high-end quality of build is unsurpassed and your images will benefit from virtually no color cast. You will not buy a better filter. Period.

Adorama Camera Store

I buy most of my equipment from Adorama in New York City.  I love this store and  they have everything I could possibly need.  I use Canon 6D and 5DS digital cameras and "L" series lenses along with various other hardware such as Breakthrough Photography filters and Sirui carbon fiber tripod. Adorama carries all the gear I currently use and a lot more. For the casual photographers, Adorama carries most of the non-professional equipment available. Follow the link below and get same day shipping on your next order.