Camera (gear) Bags That I Love

Through the many years of being a photographer, I have changed camera bags time and time again.  Many times the changes in bags were dictated on the type of photography and/or location I was shooting at the time.  Because of this, I have several bags to say the least.  Waterproof bags, roller bags, backpack bags, sling bags and on and on.  A few years ago, I came across Think Tank bags at one of the photography conventions that I attend, and I was most impressed with their bags.  I found them to be well constructed and yet smartly designed.  I now use Think Tank bags almost exclusively and love them all.  You will find their selection to be huge and best of all, they have great prices.  They also make nifty little carrying cases for items such as filters, memory cards and cords.  To check out Think Tank's inventory follow this LINK.


Started 2018 by being published again

7 Days into 2018 and I just found out that a couple of my Everglades National Park images were featured in Neapolitan Magazine.  This is an in-room magazine for the Naples Grande Beach Resort part of the Waldorf  chain of hotels. The Naples Grande has just re-opened after hurricane Irma and the Neapolitan is their exclusive magazine given to all guests.  I can't express the honor and pride it brings me to have some of my work is showcased in this magazine and what makes it better is that the publisher has already informed me that my images will be placed in future issues.



2017 Was a great year

As we all get ready to say goodbye to 2017 and usher in the new year, I can only hope that 2018 will be as rewarding for you as 2017 was for me.  The year started by me attending WPPI in Las Vegas for the annual photography convention - the largest in the world.  In early spring, I attended ArtExpo in New York city where I exhibited one of my pieces at the prestigious Art Design Consultant Gallery's pavilion.   In early May, I was lucky enough to fulfill one of my dreams to photograph Iceland.  I spent 11 days going around this island country in the north Atlantic shooting some of the most awesome vistas on planet earth.  Iceland pushed my limits physically, emotionally and photographically and I'm most proud of the results.  Also this year, I was fortunate to visit another location that was in my bucket list of places to photograph - the Canadian Rockies.  What an amazing trip with some of the most majestic sights in north America.  I was able to spend time in Banff and Jasper National Parks photographing their natural raw beauty. The images from this trip have rated very high in my portfolio and hope this continues for time to come.  I was also able to do some quick shoots in such locations as Nashville, Key West, Everglades National Park and New Hampshire. 

With only hours for this year to end, I'm looking forward to major travels to Europe in 2018 and adding some awesome imagery to my gallery.  Until next time, I wish you a wonderful and healthy New Year.  May all your dreams come true and blessings rain down upon you.



Noel's exhibit in New York

I’m very proud to announce that I will be exhibiting at the prestigious Artexpo New York for the first time.  This will be the exhibit’s 40th annual show which also happens to be the world’s largest art show.  Yes, larger than Art Basel Miami.  The exhibit takes place in Manhattan’s Pier 94 from April 21, 2017 to April 24th and admission is only $20 per person.  Hundreds of artist from around the world will be exhibiting thousands of pieces ranging from sculptures, paintings and fine-art photography.  I will be represented at Blink Art Resource’s booth with my piece – Metal Swirl.  This print is 43”x39.5” printed on a metal sheet which involves high pressure and heat, the print is steamed from the transfer sheet into the aluminum’s special coating, where it is permanently sealed in. The process is called dye sublimation, and it allows for the rendering of exact details and brilliant colors with excellent durability. 

Metal Swirl is a picture of the staircase inside the Daytona lighthouse (the tallest in Florida) and was photographed on January 23, 2016.  Because of the size, subject matter and colors of my print, it will attract a lot of attention for visitors near the booth.  The gallery representing me, Blink Art Resource, is one of the leaders in art sales at previous Artexpo shows as well as Spectrum Miami and because of this, I’m very excited to be a part of Blink and Artexpo NY.  Hopefully, this will convince you to join me in New York on April 22, 2017 at Artexpo NY as we take the Big Apple by storm.



A new year, a big change!

As we all welcome the start of 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a wonderful year filled with health and happiness.

The start of the new year is always a good time to embark on a new venture so here we go.  As of January 1st, 2017, I will dedicate all my photographic efforts to shooting exclusively fine-art landscapes.  The goal for this year is to expand my outreach to galleries around the world, thereby showcasing my work and expanding my brand.  Already the efforts are paying off as I have partnered with Blink Art Resource to promote my work to designers and buyers around the country.  Blink is a major art resource and I'm very proud to have them represent me as a professional photographer. 

This year, I will be exhibiting in Cleveland, OH and in Spectrum Miami during world famous Art Basel week.  There will also be travel involved as I go to far away lands such as Iceland to photograph some awesome landscapes.  I'm looking forward to a year of shooting adventures while bringing you some awesome imagery.  Happy New Year.