Noel de Christian Photography Gallery and showroom is located in Hollywood Florida which is in the region of South Florida. The Gallery contains wall art prints from various parts of the world and done in a large format contemporary metal and acrylic photography prints. All pieces are limited edition and can be shipped to anywhere in the country..

Noel's Photography Gear Partners

Sometimes, I get asked by customers what gear I use and where do I buy such gear.  For the most part, my gear is purchased on-line or when I travel to New York where the large photography stores are located.  As long as you know what you want/need, you don’t need to travel anywhere to purchase items thanks to the internet.  As is the case with many of us, sometimes, we need guidance as to what to purchase and from which provider and this is the reason for this post.

I find everything I possibly need from the providers I list on my website under the “Partners” tab.  Yes, I do have an affiliate relationship with these companies and that’s for a darn good reason – I like what they sell and they are the best. The three companies I help to promote have the best customer service (really important to me, by the way), good prices and the best gear.  Pure and simple.  I would not promote any organization that I would not be proud of what they sell or where they stand.  I’m proud of these providers so here they are:

Adorama:  Everything you can possibly need as it relates to photography.  Excellent service, competitive pricing and a reasonable return policy is what makes them great in my eyes.  If Adorama doesn’t carry what you’re looking for then I wish you luck in finding it from some other retailer in the US.  All items shipped quickly and if you’re ordering from Florida (home base for me), you save a few dollars in sales tax.

Think Tank Bags:  I own several of their bags and I have never been disappointed by their quality and pricing.  They have every kind of bag a photographer needs, or wants, and for every type of photographer too.  I currently own 3 of their bags and each has its purpose based on where and what I’m shooting.  Along with their excellent and wide selections of bags, their pricing can’t be touched.  I can’t recommend Think Tank enough to fellow photographers or anyone needing a good bag for their photographic equipment.

Breakthrough Photography:  The newest addition to my list of partners and one I’m so proud to promote is Breakthrough Photography.  Breakthrough Photography makes some of the world’s best photography filters and holders.  From their neutral density filters (I use a lot of those) to their polarizers (use these too), I find their filters to have the lowest color cast in the market.  They’re a fairly new company out of San Francisco producing some of the best photography filters in the world.  What else can I say?  They are the best and I love and use  their products.

I encourage you to visit my Partners page at where you will find a special link to these three partners. By placing your order via my link you will not pay more than ordering directly from their website but you may get expedited shipping or special gifts that the vendors add as a way of thanking you for using the affiliate program they have with me.  Please don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have a question regarding equipment recommendations.  I’m here to help where I can.

Thank You City of Hollywood


I much appreciate the article in the City of Hollywood’s New Horizons magazine about Noel de Christian Photography Gallery. The city of Hollywood along with all our neighbors have been great at welcoming the gallery to downtown. We invite you to stop by and look at our large format metal prints.


It’s Electric.....

I’m happy to announce that the City of Hollywood is augmenting their electric free ride system called The Circuit (aka The Sun Shuttle). This fun and easy transport system is free to all riders and stops right in front of the gallery, I’m happy to say. One can ride to the beach and back in comfort and knowing that the vehicle is noiseless and produces no pollution whatsoever. Riders can wave the vehicle or use their dedicated app to arrange for pickup. Operational everyday from 10am to 9pm with extended service during the weekends.

Finally a smart solution to crowded streets while also protecting the environment. Moving people around, safely, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner. So, for those at the Hollywood Broadwalk (beach) and wanting to come to the gallery, now it’s easier than ever !

Visit their website for more info and to download their app:


Hollywood´s Press Release on The Gallery


International Landscape Photographer Opens Gallery in Downtown Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, FL – May 13, 2019 – As an international landscape photographer for the past 20 years, Noël de Christián has journeyed to more than two dozen countries "documenting areas for posterity," but it was close to home, in Downtown Hollywood, Florida, where his longtime dream of owning his own gallery became a reality.

"This is the culmination of my career as a photographer," said the Miami native, who opened Noël de Christián Photography Gallery April 13 in a 1,100-square-foot space at 120 S. 20th Avenue.

De Christián has digitally captured stunning landscapes throughout North America, South America and Europe, in locales that include the Everglades, Hawaii, western Canada, Paris and Iceland, which he calls "the most photographic place" because of its beauty and "how powerful nature is there."

Landscape and travel photography is "truly my calling and passion," he said. "I have a need to try to conserve the natural green spaces that are left. It's my way of showcasing planet Earth."

Large-format prints of about a dozen of de Christián's photographs are on display, ranging in size to 60 inches by 40 inches. He prefers large-format prints because the experience is "more immersive for the viewer." He also will be offering a limited number of 30 different prints in smaller sizes starting at 12 inches by 8 inches. Prices range from $150 for a small print to $4,000 for the largest print.

De Christián’s entire portfolio is available on his website or can be viewed by gallery visitors on his iPad. He welcomes browsers to "just come and see beautiful works of nature and hang out, with no pressure to buy anything."

De Christián, who bought his first camera, a Canon 630, around 1985 and practiced his new hobby using his 18-year-old sister Perla as his model, has since displayed his work in various galleries around the country. With the opening of his own gallery in Hollywood's historic downtown arts, music and entertainment district, de Christián’s journey has come full circle.

He looked at numerous South Florida locations before discovering Downtown Hollywood, "an up-and-coming area with so much going for it," including affordable commercial space.

"There's a vibrancy to the area. This is really, really important to my business," de Christián said. "Downtown Hollywood has everything I'm looking for. This is really a happening place."

Noël de Christián Photography Gallery is open from 11 am to 8 pm Tuesday - Sunday. Monthly two-part photography classes for beginners to learn about composition, lighting and posing in a fun environment (participants are encouraged to bring their own wine) are also offered. Two three-hour classes are $149 and limited to 10 adults. The next session is Wed., May 22 in the evening and in the morning on Sat., May 25, when participants will go around Downtown Hollywood and put into practice what they learned.

De Christián is also available for private photography lessons or photo expeditions in the South Florida area. For more information, call 954-777-3000, email or visit

Downtown Hollywood offers on-street metered parking for $1.50 per hour, as well as municipal garage parking for $1 per hour. Municipal garage locations are:  251 S. 20th Avenue (between Harrison Street and Van Buren Street) and 251 N. 19th Avenue Municipal Garage (between Tyler Street & Polk Street).

For more information about redevelopment projects, businesses and events in Hollywood's Downtown and Beach Districts, call the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) at 954-924-2980 or visit



Media Contact:
Lisa Liotta, Redevelopment Manager
City of Hollywood CRA
Office: 954-924-2980

Hollywood CRA, 1948 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020


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Print Selection Is Growing

Because I realize that not everyone has the space, or budget, for a large format print in their home or business, I’ve produced smaller size prints just in time for Mother’s Day. The new smaller prints vary in sizes from 8x12 to 10x17 and come with the same backing material as the others in the gallery - 1/4 inch sintra. These prints are printed on aluminum with the backing material behind to provide each piece with sturdiness and durability. Like their larger counterparts, the smaller prints come with a metal float frame that provides further stability and elegance while making them easy to hang on any wall. The new prints are vistas from various parts of the world and ordering them in a larger size is always available. Come by the gallery to now see over 40 prints in various sizes, colors and subject matter.

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