Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

40" wide x 27" tall

Substrate: Lumachrome archival print behind acrylic glass

Photographed on:  6/6/2017

Location: Skogar, Iceland

Technical settings: Canon 6D,  Canon EF 11-24mm F4L USM, 5472x3648, 18.7Mb, ISO 100, 11mm, F11, 1/320

Description: No, I’m not telling you exactly where this fall is located. I will tell you that it’s on private property and tourist are not generally here and that’s a darn good thing. Because of this, it’s pristine, peaceful and majestic. The secrete to this fall (like many others in Iceland) is that you can go behind the waterfall if you don’t mind a freezing cold shower in getting back there. I covered my equipment and climbed the slippery wet rocks to get you this picture. For the 3 hours I was there, I was in heaven.

This print uses the best printing method, photographic paper and acrylic there is for this industry. This is the ultimate in print making.



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