Manatee Heaven

Manatee Heaven

Manatee Heaven

50" wide x 21" tall

Substrate: Lumachrome archival print behind low-reflection acrylic glass

Photographed on:  2/2/2019

Location: Blue Springs, Orange City, FL, USA

Technical settings: Canon 6DII,  Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art, 6239x2628, 15.2Mb, ISO 400, 35mm, F7.1, 1/200

Description: If you enjoy watching the gentle giants (Manatees) and birds, this spring fed lake is for you. The crystal clear water lets you see all the way to the bottom of the lake so fish and manatees are easily seen. The water temperature remains the same year round because of the deep springs that feed this beautiful oasis where humans can swim with manatees. This lake is also a great example of conservation efforts that have paid off well. Originally there were fifty manatees here and today there’s over 300 of them. I like it when nature has a chance to thrive.

This print uses the best printing method, photographic paper and acrylic there is for this industry. This is the ultimate in print making.



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