Metal Skin

Metal Skin

Metal Skin

46.5" wide x 31" tall

Substrate: Dye Sublimation on brushed gold tone aluminium

Photographed on:  9/4/2016

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Technical settings: Canon 6D,  Canon EF 17-40mm F4L USM, 5000x3333, 13.0Mb, ISO 200, 28mm, F5,  1/50

Description: The skin of the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle has a great ability of changing color based on the light that hits it. Because this picture was taken late in the afternoon, the light was warm and subtle enough to produce a wide range of hues. The building has no straight walls instead it’s more like a wave of riveted metal pieces reflecting the lights of the city and the sky. The key to photographing this building is the time of day. Sunrises and sunsets are special when the copper pieces reflect the warm colors of the sky.

Metal prints will last a lifetime and can be hung inside or outside as it's water resistant.



Gallery Code: C0001WHI385